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Healthy, Local Food for Neighbors

The Market at SECOM is located within SECOM Resource Center, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Market was created for those within the community to have access to fresh produce, that is sourced from local farms in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

The Market started as a 3-year pilot program with two produce shelves housing fruits and vegetables sold at half the price. Today, we have evolved into a small scale store with its own space and a much larger variety of local fruits, vegetables, eggs, and even honey.

Located at 1545 Buchanan Ave SW, we are open for everyone to shop and contribute to investing in our local economy and a healthy food system for all.

The Market is available for in-store or online shopping. Check out the “How it works!” section below for more info. 

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SECOM is a Key Resource Center that gives help and hope to our neighbors by empowering families to achieve their full potential through healthy living, education and economic opportunities. SECOM has many things going on and The Market is just one of them. Check out what else is going on by visiting our website.

How it Works

Pick the price you prefer.

You will notice two price points listed with every product. The first price listed is the retail price. The retail price is a little bit more than our cost. We need you! We need your help by purchasing at the retail price so others who cannot still have access to shop. If you select the discounted price, we are so glad you are here and are shopping for healthy food! We want you! At checkout you need to select which price point you want to pay.

During the checkout process you must select a day and time to pick up your order. Payment is due on arrival. Payment options include, cash, debit/credit, EBT, Double Up Food Bucks, Senior Project Fresh coupons, WIC Project Fresh coupons and Refresh NOW. We will have the order ready for pick up in store during the time slot you selected. If you do not pick up during that time your order will be cancelled.

You will notice that you cannot order many days in advance. This is to provide our customers with the most up to date and fresh produce we have in stock.

Happy shopping!

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