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Garlic is a great way to season your food. Garlic can support your healthy eating or weight loss program. Because it is so flavorful, a tiny amount can add a delicious savory flavor to your food without providing any fat or calories. Garlic can also be used as a replacement for salt if you are trying to cut back on sodium but still want food that has a satisfying taste.

Garlic is a favorite of Chelsea's to grow in the garden! Many people don't realize that garlic grows under ground. It produces a long stalk above the ground which produces edible stems called garlic scapes. Once the scapes have produced the stalk will then begins to die, thats a sign that the garlic is ready to be harvest from the ground. If you are not using it right away then you must cure the garlic for a couple of weeks, which is when it creates the protecting, harder outer shell that will help your garlic last much longer.


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